Everything You Need to Know About Channel Drains

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Channel drains or trench drains are installed to protect your basement from flood damage. Without a proper drainage system in your properties, the longevity and safety of your properties will be at stake. That is why it is advisable to buy plastic drainage channel drains to keep your yard clean and prevent sewage backups. Having a proper and working drainage system in your home or business can save you a lot of money and time.

If you live in areas where rainwater cannot be absorbed into the ground, you need to install channel drains. These drainage trench drains come in different forms and sizes fitting various projects. However, ensure you understand how they work before buying them. Having firsthand information will help you know the ideal channel drains that will fit your projects. Therefore, take your time to learn more about channels drains before rushing to the market to buy yours.

What Are Channel Drains?

As mentioned above, a channel drain is an above-the-ground drain system that is used to redirect, control and catch water flow from one area to another. These drainage tools can also be used to maintain the structural integrity of a property. If you are installing this tool in a commercial context, you need a professional contractor to install it to maintain the required safety standards.

What Are the Uses of Channel Drains?

When constructing your home, it is essential to install a drainage system. Ideally, if you have a large compound, you should have different types of drains. The main uses of channel drains are for stormwater and sewer disposal. Other uses of channel drains are as follows.

Flood control

The primary use of channel drains is to control flooding in sidewalks, driveways, and basements. If you live in areas affected by floods, consider installing trench drains.

Prevent Water Damage

The use of trench drains in homesteads is to channel stormwater and sewer away from your foundation and property.

What Are the Types of Channel Drains?

Channel drains are available in different types consisting of various specs. When planning on installing one, ensure you make the right choice. The following are the common types of channel drains you should know.

Concrete Channel Drain

The concrete channel drain is one of the types of trench drains that are mostly used in commercial contexts. They are made from high-strength concrete materials designed to cope with heavy-weight loads. Therefore, when planning on investing in commercial properties, it is advisable to consider installing these drainage tools because they will prevent flood damage.

Plastic Channel Drain

One of the most commonly used types of channel drain is the plastic trench drain. Most homeowners use it because it is made of durable and lightweight material making it easy to install. Also, it is lightweight, and easy to lift and transport, most people consider a plastic channel drain to be their preferred choice. Apart from being lightweight, a plastic trench drain is chemical resistant making it a durable channel drain.


Having channel drains in your home will keep it clean and free from floods. Flooding not only causes damage to your home but it can be harmful to your health. Therefore, ensure you take your time to research and know the best channel drains you should install in your home.

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