3D printers and their importance to different industries

by Andrew A.
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A 3D printer can accurately print objects with basically any geometry. They have been around for quite a while but only became popular in the last ten years. A 3D printer is an addictive, computer-aided manufacturing machine. It creates three-dimensional objects.

Unlike the regular printer that prints output on paper, the imprimante 3D creates a 3D model from custom material. These models are built layer by layer until it is fully formed.

Over the years, 3D printing has experienced significant development. 3D printers are no longer large and expensive machines used for producing just industrial parts. They are quite small and handy. Objects can now be printed with different plastic variations, carbon fiber composites, and metal. 3D printers are so useful they cut across different industries. Let’s take a look at some of these industries.

Application of 3D printers

1. Manufacturing and prototyping

Initially, 3D printers were developed for quick prototyping. Using the conventionalinjection-molded prototype, it might cost more to produce one mold. 3D printer significantly reduces the lead time used in conventional manufacturing. Hence, a prototype can be produced in hours instead of weeks at a lesser cost. Agile tooling has also been created by 3D technologies. In this case, tools used for manufacturing processes are produced by modular designs which enable quick responses and prototyping.

2. Medicine

The medical world has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of 3D printers. 3D printing technology has been used to create several medical devices such as prosthetics. 3d printing technology has been largely used for bioprinting. With bioprinting, artificial organs have been created to replace failed organs. Orthopedic implants can also be printed.

In the pharmaceutical industry, pills are produced using Binder Jetting’s process of 3D printing.

3. Education

3D printers have found their way into the classrooms. Students are being taught to create prototypes using 3d printers. They create models they can hold and feel. 3D printers help students bring their ideas to life.

4. Arts and jewelry

3D printers have made jewelry making easier and more fun. Jewelry makers can now create designs that were impossible or difficult with the conventional method of jewelry making. It has become easier to make custom pieces for individuals or groups at a much lower cost.

Artists are not left out of the excitement. 3D printers are now used for creating beautiful metal pieces and even ceramic objects.

5. Food technology

The food industry is not left out of the wonders of the 3D printer. Food such as chocolate, pasta, crackers, pizza, and candy are manufactured using the additive method of manufacturing. Food is squeezed out in layers to form 3d objects.

6. Apparels

Apparels ranging from clothes to shoes are printed with a 3D printer. Big fashion brands such as Chanel, Noa Raviv, and Iris van Herpen have used 3D prints in their collections. Nike also used 3D technology to produce football shoes for American football players.

3D printers have been very useful in various industries. These are only a few. These printers have come to stay and their uses will only increase as the years roll by. They have been very impactful on today’s world and we can only hope to see more.

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