Industries that could benefit from the use of 3D printers

by Andrew A.
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3D printer

The human race has come a long way in terms of technological advancement, and one of its finest achievements yet is 3D printing. Some experts have gone on to describe this innovation as an industrial revolution of sorts, and rightly so. Because it literally changes the manufacturing world as we know it. 3D printers now make it possible to pluck any shape out of “thin air” with no abracadabra involved.

With the several benefits associated with the adoption of this tech, it is no surprise that a substantial percentage of world industries have tilted towards it. From the educational sector to the adult film business, below are some of the industries that could benefit from the use of 3D printers. 


Using the 3D printers can improve the education experience for both teachers and learners alike. It provides an avenue for the former to express themselves better while the latter gets a chance at practical exercises. 

Health care

The use of 3D printers has saved thousands of patients’ time, lives, and a ton of money in health bills. Things like organ replicas can now be printed based on individual needs and practiced on pre-surgery. Functional prosthetics and dentures can also be made available in less time and at a lower cost compared to traditional means.  

Construction and Design

Construction and similar industries also benefit immensely from 3D printing. Prototypes that would ordinarily take months to build can now be printed in a matter of days, if not hours. Architects and industrial designers, for instance, can now bring their ideas to life in the form of 3D models, making their presentation feel more life-like.


The Jewelry business is one of the leading users of 3D printing in the world today. This is because the casting process involved in the making of jewelry is better optimized with this ingenious tech. 


Being one of the most expensive industries on the globe, it is only natural that they seek viable alternatives to the status quo. The appropriate 3D printer price may seem high, but on a scale this large, it makes the cost of production incredibly cheaper. Not too long ago, NASA was able to successfully test a rocket engine made from 3D parts.


All forms of engineering will find 3D printing useful for reasons similar to others, visualizing prototypes. Using metal or plastic materials, any kind of engineer can create complicated models on-demand, with little or no waste, and in no time too. Mechanical engineers, for one, stands to gain a lot.


The adult industry also takes advantage of 3D printing. Thanks to this tech, the pleasure business has been taken up a notch with the reworking of toys and dolls. Some manufacturers even offer customizations based on individual specs.  


Based on our current trajectory, the question is being shifted from who could benefit from 3D printing to who wouldn’t? It is hard to imagine any sector in this present time who can’t, in one way or the other make use of this tool. The above industries are merely a cross-section of this tech’s capabilities, but it is not in any way limited to them.

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