Uses of Isothiazolinone in Preservation and Disinfection

by Andrew A.
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Isothiazolinone which could equally be referred to as isothiazoline is a unique derivative of the compound isothiazole. The compound isothiazolinone is heterocyclic. A pretty interesting fact about this compound is that it is considered relatively “young” in the heterocyclic family. Its discovery is almost as recent as sometime in the 1960s. However, we are considering isothiazolinone in this article not because of its lineage or history.

Both isothiazolinones as well as their derivatives are of substantial clinical significance. This is because both isothiazolinone and its compound show a significant amount of activity in curbing and eliminating microbes. A few of the derivatives of this heterocyclic compound are methylisothiazolinone and chloromethylisothiazolinone. These are the two more popular ones. There are known is short as MIT and CMIT respectively.

Uses of isothiazolinone

  1. The compound isothiazolinone is useful as a bactericide.
  2. Isothiazolinone as well as its derivatives can be used as preservatives.

These are the two major ways the compounds and their derivatives are used. Both of these uses affect all of the other applications of isothiazolinone. We will briefly discuss some of these applications next.

Industrial Applications of Isothiazolinone

The first application we will outline will be its use in water treatment. Both methylisothiazolinone and chloromethylisothiazolinone are for the treatment of water. The presence of those compounds in the water is a pretty broad spectrum of activity. Even without the use of formaldehyde, this compound possesses activity against bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. An interesting feat of the derivatives is that they are environmentally friendly. Hence they possess low toxicity and hence could be used in the in-tank antimicrobial activity of latex paint.

The next application is that the compounds have an antimicrobial effect when put into paint emulsions. These compounds have the same effect on water-soluble compounds that they have on the water. The pH of the compounds as used here ranges from 2.4 to 4.5.

Thirdly, isothiazolinone is used as a broad spectrum preservative for aquatic industrial products. A wonderful feature of this particular application of isothiazolinone is that it has a quick speed of sterilization and a long duration of action.

Last but not least, isothiazolinone is an effective bactericide for paints. This compound as well as the use of its derivatives leads to a rapid disinfectant effect. Additionally, similar to any other isothiazolinone, the spectrum of action is broad.

The difference between the uses of the compound isothiazolinone, as well as its derivatives, depends on the dosage. So for whatever reason, one chooses to purchase isothiazolinone for industrial purposes, it is essential to be well trained in handling the compound.

Isothiazolinone is a versatile compound when it comes to water and water-soluble compounds. However, as mentioned earlier, depending on the compound and a few other factors such as temperature and a few others.


In conclusion, do not use Isothiazolinone for personal use. The compound and its derivatives are used strictly for industrial purposes. As mentioned earlier, it is used for a lot of reasons from preservation to disinfection. So it is a unique compound.

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