What Is Tesamorelin and What Is It Used for?

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Tesamorelin is used to reduce the presence of excess fat in the stomach of people who are HIV positive and have various problems on the way fat in their body is being distributed. HIV drugs tend to come with side effects and this includes the increase in fat in the upper back, arms, legs, and stomach area of a person. This is where Tesamorelin comes in as it encourages your body to create more growth hormones and curb the problem.

How to use is usually being shown on a patient’s information leaflet or a patient’s institution gotten from the pharmacist before intake. It can be changed each time you go for a refill. Visiting a health care profession would give you a better understanding of how to make use of the drug. You can see all the instructions on the product package, however, if anything is unclear, it’s best to consult your doctor or your pharmacist.

What Are The Side Effects Of Tesamorelin?

Some side effects include itching, redness, pain, bruising at places of injection, or even irritation. You might experience muscle age and although these are normal, they shouldn’t last long. If side effects persist, then you should visit your doctor or pharmacy as soon as possible.

You should be aware that doctors know the side effects you are most likely to get from the use of the drug but have weighed it with the benefits you stand to achieve. Lots of people who make use of the drug have little to no side effects. This is why telling your doctor immediately you get a serious side effect is important. This could be muscle or joint pain as well as stiffness.

Precautions to Take

Some precautionary measure to take before making use of Tesamorelin is telling your doctor if you are allergic to it or allergic to something else. Listing out your allergies to your doctor makes them know if you are fit enough to make use of the drug. This is due to the inactive ingredients which could be present but could lead to an allergic reaction, therefore causing more problem. Telling your doctor or pharmacist is very important.

You should also let your doctor or pharmacist know about your medical history and if you have any underlying medical condition just as cancer, tumors, diabetics, and other problems which you may or may not be taking a prescription for.

If you’re to undergo surgery during the intake of this drug, it is important to let your doctor know about it. This makes it easier to know the drugs you would take and those you wouldn’t. Or if you would have to quit the drug entirely.

It shouldn’t also be used during pregnancy due to the potential harm to the baby. So once you become pregnant, make sure to let your doctor or pharmacist know as soon as possible

Where to Buy

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