The Complete Guide to CNC Turning

by Andrew A.
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To begin with, you first need to understand what a CNC turning process is. Simply put, Computer Numerical Control turning (CNC turning) is a precision machining process that makes use of a CNC machine to work the designated workpiece linearly while turns it to form a cylindrical part. It does this by removing and adding materials to the model.

CNC turning uses machinery lathes to process the trims of the diameter of the workpiece to the desired shape as per the dimension given. It will provide the ready-made part that is expected. Although this is an ancient technique, recent use has made it one of the most high-skilled and complex ways of creating custom components for both metals and materials.

What Should you look for when searching for a CNC Turning Manufacturer

If you are looking to get your CNC turning operations completely sorted, there are some things you should look out for.

Here are the most common ones.

1. Use of Cutting-edge equipment

The first thing you should look out for should be really good equipment and features. A manufacturer should also have all certifications and the six CNC lathes in their possession made by experts such as Haas and Fanuc.

These lathes are also referred to as hybrid machines. They work together, these latest CNC lathes manufactured by countries such as the USA and Japan, respectively.

2. Competitive value

Manufacturers can steadily use CNC turning in conjunction with other techniques like CNC machining techniques, and other finishing techniques. Because of the cheap access to labor, it is easy to get parts at a lower cost while preserving the quality that you want.

So, when choosing a manufacturer, make sure that you do not settle for less.

3. CNC turning with Precision.

Several precision CNC lathes are used to make production versatile and efficient. And the precision CNC equipment used by DDPrototype is constructed to provide accuracy, and consistency that is needed for complex level prototyping.

Secondary milling can also be performed by using tools and CNC lathes. Together they produce a short time of the entire processing parts. With the screw machine used, several real-time devices can create precise CNC turning with maximum engineering efficiency.

Benefits of working with a good Manufacturer

  • Innovation

You get to work with companies that have some of the world’s most complex CNC lathes and tools imported from the USA and Japan, along with a dedicated and trained team who can work with those tools.

  • Quality

Their factory has passed all required certifications and can make high-quality parts. The good thing about these part is that it is built according to the standard process.

  • Cost

Most manufacturers will offer you affordable services that are of really high quality. This ensures that you get the best and still be able to stick to your budget.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right manufacturer for your CNC turning process is key to getting exactly what you want. You should always take it very seriously.

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