The primary types of wood press machines

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A wood press machine is a device used to turn various wood wastes into pellets. The pellets can be used for heating, bedding, medicinal purposes, and as animal feed. Wood press machines are also known as wood pellet machines. These products come in a wide range of types and brands. This post discusses the primary types of wood press machines. 

Types of wood press machines

The following are the primary or most commonly used types of wood pallet or wood press machines;

a. Flat die wood press machines

These are the most common type of wood press machines on the market. It is primarily used for making pallets on either a small or large scale. These machines work in such a way that the raw materials are usually placed on the surface of the die and extruded between the rollers and dies. The materials are then forced into the die holes and are dropped at the bottom of the die. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of these machines is that they are straightforward to operate.

Additionally, the machines are easy to maintain and clean. It is also worth mentioning that these wood press machines are very light and compact. This means that they do not take a lot of space. Therefore, you can use them in your home or farm. You can also move them from one place to another, depending on your requirements. Flat wood press machines can also come in different designs. Below are the two most common flat wood press machine designs;

  • Flat die wood press machines with rotating dies- in these machines, the rollers are usually stationary as the dies rotate.
  • Flat die wood press machines with rotating rollers- in these machines, the rollers usually rotate while the die remains stationary.

b. Ring die wood press machines

These machines are commonly used for medium to large-scale projects. This is because they can make large quantities of production and are designed to allow for large-scale production without any worry of wear. Ring die wood press machines are usually fed into the inside of the die. The rollers then press the raw materials through the holes in the dies. Cutters are then applied for slicing the pellets into desired sizes. These machines are known for their large capacity, low energy consumption, and high levels of durability.

The various types of wood press machines can also be categorized based on their application. In this case, below are the types of wood press machines;

c. Large-scale pellet mills

These are used for producing animal feed pellets, fuel, and wood pellets. As the name suggests, they are mainly applied in large-scale commercial production.

d. Small-scale pellet mills

These products are typically smaller and used for small-scale projects. They are also cheaper and more portable.


Wood press machines can also be categorized based on the types of products they produce and their purposes. In this case, there are; wood pellet mills, feed mills, straw, plastic, and metal pellet mills. Regardless, these machines have the same purpose, and they function similarly.

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