What Are The Hot Forging Machine Types Here?

by Andrew A.
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The hot forging machines use high temperatures on work materials and compressive force to achieve a metal’s predetermined shape. Furthermore, hot forging machines allow for the attainments of uniform parts. One of the benefits of hot forging machines is that they can forge different metals, such as the forged aluminum. Furthermore, there are several kinds of hot machines. Thus, this article aims at informing you of four hot forging machine types.

Four hot forging machine types

1. Closed die forging machine

Closed die forging machines are used in the production of closed die forgings. The machine enables the sizing of parts and precise hot die forging. In addition, the closed die forging machine has back to front electric shaft display. The machine does not need to form flash to guarantee a complete die filling. Therefore, a closed die forging machine is best used for the right die design as it does not allow for any materials to escape in the cavity during metal deformation. In addition, closed die forging machines can be used to produce both complex and simple parts.

2. Open die forging machine

The open die forging machine allows for flash in the forging process. Furthermore, an open die forging machine is best used for ingots, bars, slabs, and billets. The best advantage of the open die forging machine is that it performs its work effectively and at a high-speed rate. Furthermore, the device also allows for high production rates. In addition, the open die forging machine deforms metal between shaped or flat dies without entirely limiting metal flow. In addition, the open die forging machine is commonly used to make hollow or simple parts.

3. Isothermal forging machine

An isothermal forging machine is commonly used for making aero-engine parts. They are used to produce the aero-engine parts because of their specialized metal shaping methods. Furthermore, the device is widely used on titanium alloys. In addition, present advancements in technology ensure that the Isothermal forging machines can be used for 3D modeling. The best benefit of the Isothermal forging machine is that it heats and dies metal at an equal temperature. The purpose of using the same temperature is to bar oxidation. Furthermore, processes conducted by the Isothermal forging machine are done in a very controlled environment.

4. Drop forging machine

Drop forging machine is used for forging industrial tasks. Furthermore, the machine manufactures very complex shapes. These machines obtain complex shapes by dropping the heated metal into a die and punch that steadily compresses the metal. In addition, the drop forging machine has; high-temperature resistance feature, overload protectors, touch screen controls, and an anti-corrosion feature. Furthermore, the machine constitutes a superior built structure that enables it to endure heavy-duty procedures. Also, the drop forging machine is secured with computer controls that allow for automatic processes to happen.


The different hot forging machines are used best for various parts and different materials. Also, each type of machine has different characteristics. But despite their different features, they all save the same purpose of shaping and deforming metals. Thus, if you wish to know more about the machines, the above points will be instrumental in guiding you.

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