Why Should You Invest In the CR-6 SE Printer Kit?

by Andrew A.
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CR-6 SE Printer Kit

The CR-6 SE is the first 3D printer by Creality to go through a Kickstarter campaign. It comes after the development of some notable 3D printers in the past. The company decided to launch the crowdsourcing campaign to beat some of the most significant crowdfunding records, such as the Snapmaker 2.0. Let us briefly delve into the DIY 3d printer kit and the reasons why you should invest in them.

The Kickstarter campaign was launched on 6th May and will take place until 5th June. An initial funding goal of $100,000 was set as the target, but funders around the world were able to raise more than ten times the amount in two days.

Creality intends to sell the 3D Printing technology at a starting price of $430. The early bird supporters on Kickstarter will, however, get the technology at $265. Even though there is no date of delivery yet, it may begin in the mid of June.

But what is it about the DIY 3D Printer kit that makes is unique and noteworthy?

Creality CR-6 SE has close ties to the new model of Ender 3 V2, but it also has its own set of unique features. Some of these include:

  • Design and Setup 

The 3D printer has a simple but elegant design. At the bottom, there is a hidden compartment where you can store any needed repair tools such as pliers, nozzles, and needles. It also has handles that you can use to carry around safely. 

Do not worry about having to assemble the printer from parts. It comes pre-assembled when you unbox it. You only need to connect the gantry and the base, and then use it to print whatever you want.

  • Automatic Platform Leveling

The DIY 3D printer toolkit has a hassle-free automatic platform leveling feature, an upgrade from the manual leveling using a sheet of paper. The printer uses a photoelectric sensor that helps with automatically leveling the platform, which is unlike any other 3D printer.

Moreover, the print quality of the 3D printer is top-notch and greatly improved thanks to the well-leveled print surface.

  • The Printer is Rigid and Strong

One of the biggest problems of fused deposition modeling 3D printers is the unsteadiness that occurs from the vibrations of printing surfaces when the printer is operational. The CR-6 SE is made with a sturdy aluminum frame, with dual lead screws, to reduce the vibrations. 

  • Build Up Time

One significant aspect that sets apart 3D printers is the time it takes to set up one together. Some printers take several hours to set up together as you try to discern which parts fit where. However, the CR-6 SE takes only 5 minutes to build up the printer and be ready for use.

  • Extra-long Life Filament

You no longer have to worry about when to replace the printing filament. The CR-6 SE uses a photoelectric filament sensor that keeps track of your filament and helps to detect any breakage or if it is close to run out, giving you enough time to plan for your next prints.

Final Thoughts

The CR-6 SE not only makes to be the most innovative 3D printers, but it is also the ultimate DIY 3D printer toolkit for anyone regardless of their level of understanding of 3D printing.

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